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Pinnacle FAQ's

A hallmark of Pinnacle Health informatics over the years has been the close, personal and engaging style of collaboration we use in client relationships. We aim to answer big or small questions and ultimately set clients up for success.

We hold this same sense of pride for those looking to add Pinnacle to their data team. Whether you’ve worked with us for ten years or are just browsing what we offer, we are eager to answer any question you may have.

We offer a variety of free resources to customers and non-customers, including

Have a question about our services and what we offer? See our FAQs below, or reach out to us and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


Why Pinnacle Health Informatics?

We have a deep knowledge of the industry that allows us to stand out from our competitors. We know what problems our customers face because we have been in their shoes. We know what common hurdles they face and how to overcome- or help work through- many of them.

In addition, we believe in an unparalleled personal approach to data and analytics. We work with clients throughout the entire process, not just when building the dashboard.

What Platform Does Pinnacle Data Warehouse run on?

The Pinnacle data warehouse runs on the Microsoft platform.

How quickly can the data warehouse be installed?

We can install our data warehouse within 1-2 weeks. Matterhorn- our newest set of management dashboards–can be installed in as little as 3 days in most cases.

Do you offer training for your data warehouse?

Yes, we provide training to ensure continued proficiency with our products for the long term. We focus our training efforts on different groups and competencies within an organization. These specified training efforts help maximize efficiency and keep staff focused on the most relevant areas.

Do you have an active user group for your data warehouse?

Yes, we meet as a group every few months to discuss the product, ask questions and share feedback.

Can you integrate with our current EHR system?

We can integrate our platform with several different EHR systems, such as Netsmart, Credible, Harris/Integrative, Qualifacts, Epic, NextGen, Streamline, AthenaHealth, and others! Reach out to us today to find out if we integrate with your current EHR provider.

Do you provide continued support? Can we reach out to you with issues?

Yes, we provide continued support and look forward to frequent calls with our clients. We want to hear about any projects they are pursuing or any challenges they face. We work closely with our clients and work to become team members and trusted advisors.

Do you offer any plug-and-go data dashboards?

Yes, we just launched a plug-and-go system called Matterhorn. On day one, Matterhorn will give organizations instant access to more than a dozen pre-determined analytics.

Matterhorn complements the existing suite of Pinnacle data tools that have served the behavioral health community for more than two decades and provides the perfect analytic platform for your agency or organization.

Have any other questions? Schedule a free chat with us today!

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