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Decades of experience in every facet of information management for health care

Founded in 2010, Pinnacle is the culmination of decades of work and experience in behavioral health care data, analytics, and customer satisfaction.


The principals of Pinnacle, Gary W. Clark and Shawn A. Frasier have been the technical leads on several large-scale system and electronic health record implementations, including the highly successful Utah Behavioral Health Consortium which broke new ground and set new standards for inter-agency, consortium-style and multi-tenant electronic health record implementation.  This consortium project leveraged cloud technology beginning over a decade ago to effectively deliver a potent electronic healthcare solution to hundreds of providers across large geographic areas. Easy and secure access to vital health record information and decision-supporting analytics were at the core of Gary and Shawn’s daily emphasis.


Since 2010, Gary and Shawn have built upon their past success to assist their clients with high-quality products and services that deliver and increase productivity, all in a spirit of teamwork, cooperation, integrity, and trust.  As Pinnacle has grown, Gary and Shawn have built a team of knowledgeable, professional staff who are ready to rise to the challenge of the evolving behavioral health landscape. 

The Pinnacle Story

The Pinnacle Team


Shawn A. Frasier


Shawn draws on his 20 years of experience in the behavioral health information technology space to build solutions that transform the way leaders use data.  Shawn develops strong partnerships with our customers to deliver tailored training and support.

Direct Line:  (801) 300-0387


Gary Clark

Senior Software Engineer

Gary brings 20+ years of experience supporting behavioral health agencies who need fast, easy access to their data.  The best part of Gary's job is giving agencies the power to understand and use their data in real-time.

Direct Line:  (801) 648-8510

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