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Secure Cloud-Hosting

As recently as 10 years ago, it was commonly believed that having an on-site database living on a server in your building was the best way to make sure you always had access to your data.  Sure, having on-site servers was always a challenge and a risk.  Air conditioning units can fail, the power to your building can go down, or a farmer plowing a nearby field can accidentally cut your ethernet line.  With improvements in bandwidth and the maturity of the data center model, cloud-based storage can now get you immediate, reliable access to your data without the headache of maintaining a closet full of servers.

While you can still choose to host the Pinnacle Data Warehouse on-site, we see many agencies today choosing a cloud-based hosting option.  The additional stability of that model can is a lifesaver when you need functional back-up access to your EHR data – the data warehouse will still be functional, even if the interface to your EHR is non-operational.  A separate, cloud-based data warehouse can ensure that you can access the information you need to keep up operations in the event of downtime.  You don’t want to be stuck canceling appointments because your providers can’t see people while the EHR system is down.


Take advantage of Pinnacle’s decades-long experience in providing secure, scalable and robust cloud-based services. Using our state-of-the-art datacenters as the perfect foundation, Pinnacle can help you focus on your core business while providing flexible cloud infrastructure.  From desktops to data management, Pinnacle has the experience to make your move to the cloud a success.

Secure Coud hosting at Pinnacle Health Informatics
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