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Consulting Services

We know you and your team work hard every day on tasks that are essential to your business.  Despite the best of intentions, it can be easy to lose track of longer-term goals in the day-to-day crises.

Pinnacle consulting services are designed to take you from start to finish on those data and reporting projects you’ve been meaning to do for what seems like forever.  Or let us help you meet one of those tight deadlines that crop up right when everyone is already in the middle of other projects.  Here are just a few examples of the type of assistance we have provided to our partners:

Consulting service at Pinnacle Health Informatics
Adapting to value-based payment methodologies 

New funding opportunities are always exciting, but value-based payment is especially interesting to behavioral health providers, who are often underfunded in traditional, fee-for-service systems. Whenever possible, we help agencies identify ways to demonstrate the value of their services using data already being captured. And, in cases where value has already been defined by another entity, we help agencies implement systems for capturing and reporting data to maximize the potential of this new funding structure.

Improving clinical outcomes 

When agencies begin tracking clinical outcomes, the first step is often implemented at the individual client level. We help your team expand the impact of these tools by bringing that level of information the program and agency level of the system.  We also work with your team to identify methods for capturing the clients who are getting missed in the measurement process, so you can be sure that the positive outcomes are you seeing aren’t a result of skewed data.

Addressing audit findings 

With these projects, we are often involved right at the beginning - helping your agency define documentation requirements across programs, making sure all necessary data is being captured, and finding any gaps.  Then we translate those requirements into specific reporting tools that can be used by managers and staff to improve compliance.

Recovering lost revenue 

Investing in resources that help you identify and close gaps in the revenue cycle can have big rewards.  We help agencies adapt to changing insurance requirements by developing monitoring reports that your team can use to find and address gaps that are hurting your bottom line, eventually getting ahead of those issues so those gaps don’t turn into lost revenue.

Data can expand your view of your agency. Data can reveal opportunities for change. And data can help you measure the effectiveness of your strategies. 
Our consultants are experienced in seeing projects through to completion, making sure that you have the data tools you need to take advantage of these opportunities.
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