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Pinnacle Health Informatics

Passionate Clinicians

Case Scenario

It's Tuesday morning.  An animated discussion breaks out in your weekly staff meeting about a recent change in policy, which expands the area where smoking is banned to include the small area near the property where people used to gather.  Strong opinions about the policy come up:

"My clients won't come to their appointments at the clinic anymore now that they can't smoke."

"Access for under-served populations is going to be hurt by this policy."

"Attendance in my groups has dropped since last month because everyone used to enjoy smoking together."

"Some of my clients have decided to stop smoking now."

You know that the best way to engage people in change efforts is to provide immediate feedback about the results. 


You also know that some policy decisions can have unintended consequences.


As the discussion gets more heated, you're thinking:  

Business People Talking
I know we track this data in our Electronic Health Record.  Shouldn't there be an easy way to monitor the impact of our policy changes, and share those results with staff?

At Pinnacle Health Informatics, we've seen the power of data to transform clinical practice, but we know that data is sometimes hard to define and then access.  We know you have important questions that could be answered with data, beyond productivity and access, such as:

  • Are we providing the right level of service to the right people?

  • What are the characteristics of our population?

  • How is our population changing over time?

  • How are policy changes affecting access, engagement, and outcomes?​

The Pinnacle Data Warehouse is designed to make data and reporting easy and accessible for people of all skill levels.  

We extract data directly from your EHR and other systems, and give you immediate access to dashboards and reports that are easy to understand and use.

The Pinnacle team provides training, support, and recommendations based on decades of experience, and the Pinnacle User Group connects you with other agencies who are implementing best practices across the country. 


We work with clinical managers who are ready to track trends, identify patterns, and move toward data-driven decision-making, supporting highly effective teams who can see the results of those changes in real time. 

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