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Case Scenario​

You and your team have been working hard to increase awareness of your services, so you're definitely excited when the local television news contacts you to do an interview for part of their community coverage.  A few hours before the interview is scheduled, you get a list of questions they'd like to cover:

  • details about the population you serve (age, gender, ethnicity, city)

  • trends in services and diagnosis (increase/decrease in different areas)

  • changes you've seen in your agency's data as a result of the opioid epidemic.  

 Young Woman Contemplating

The questions seem so simple, but you realize with a sinking feeling...

You don't have a report ready to answer those questions, and...

The last time you asked for this kind of data from your report writer, it took two weeks to produce.

You sign a check every month to your EHR vendor, but you still can't seem to get the data you need when you need it.  

At first, you wonder if you need to look for a different EHR.  But, when you talk to other executives, you hear this is a problem across systems.


EHR vendors design systems that are optimized for entering data, scheduling appointments, and processing billing and payments.  Information is often stored in complicated databases that require years to learn.   

Have no fear! We can help!

The Pinnacle Data Warehouse is your solution to this problem.  We extract, simplify, and store your EHR data so you can get the data you need to answer important questions, using tools as simple as Microsoft Excel. 


Once your data is stored independent from your EHR, Pinnacle can integrate it with other systems:

  • accounting software,

  • hospital census,

  • payroll systems,

  • legacy data,

  • and more

Giving you even deeper insights into your agency's work.

The Pinnacle team acts as an extension of your agency's team, providing training, support, and recommendations to help you succeed.  
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