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What Does Our Training Consist of?

When you implement the Pinnacle Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution, you won't be alone.  We won’t rest until you are successfully accessing your data in all the different formats you need for your operations, including:

  • Reports to monitor performance metrics such as productivity, access, and outcomes.

  • Visualization tools to identify trends and patterns.

  • Detailed lists of outstanding follow-up tasks or compliance issues.

  • Ad hoc reporting tools to help with last-minute data requests.

Pinnacle offers hands-on training a suite of products that you can use to access your data. Each training is individualized to your agency and your team’s needs. Tools covered in this training include:

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • SQL Reporting Services

  • Querying tools which can be used in SQL Management Studio or within native EHR reporting systems.


We are committed to your success, and refresher training is available in the event of staff turnover or new business needs.  Each training session is also recorded and provided to your agency, resulting in a virtual library of resources that can be used for future training needs.


To supplement your team’s learning and provide ongoing technology updates, Pinnacle also offers monthly webinars covering a wide range of topics.  These webinars can be viewed live in real-time, or at your convenience on our YouTube channel.


We are committed to empowering you to use and understand your agency’s data.  We want to make it easier for you to follow your hunches, to prevent decisions made based on anecdotal evidence, and to explore your data in a meaningful way. 

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