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Information Technology

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Case Scenario​ 

​It's 3 PM on a Wednesday afternoon. You're in the middle of other projects. A member of your leadership team walks in your office and says, "How many people did we see last year with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder? And how many of those people were employed?  Or had kids?  What was the average age?" 


You know these seem like simple questions, but you also know that your Electronic Health Record system is not designed to report information like that with the snap of a finger. You look up and ask, "How soon do you need to know?" You're hoping for a week or two so you'll have time to write the queries, validate the results, and come back with questions.

Your colleague answers, "Oh, by 4 PM today should be fine."

Pinnacle Health Informatics team has been in your shoes! 

We know the effort it often takes to deliver answers directly from Electronic Health Record systems, even those that seem simple. 

The Pinnacle Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions were designed to turn you into a data superstar for your agency.  

Pinnacle processes your data into data warehouse tables that simplify and speed up reporting, and then we take that to another level using SQL Analysis Server cubes.  

The result is data you can access at lightning-fast speeds using best in class products like Microsoft Excel, SQL Reporting Services Reports and Mobile Reports, and Power BI.
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