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Our team is here to support your agency throughout our partnership.  We understand the complexity of the behavioral health landscape and we want your data analysis processes to be simplified as much as possible.  Our team has expertise across a variety of topics, from clinical, compliance, and quality to IT infrastructure and data science.  We want to make sure you are successful!
Implementation & On-Boarding 

We provide initial training to your end users, as well as your technical team.  Using everyday tools like Microsoft Excel, we will have you building multi-paneled parameterized dashboards using drag-and-drop tools in our first few sessions.  We make sure the data warehouse is capturing your essential data and metrics, and we provide expert support to address any challenges that may arise as we begin our work together.


Ongoing Support 

As an ongoing partner, you will have access to the Pinnacle team to help with projects as they arise.  We maintain a close relationship, aligning our work with your agency’s goals and mission.  We want to know how you see your data needs evolve over time, and we want to be a resource for you about future trends, as well.



We know behavioral health changes rapidly and we are here for every type of transition you might experience - changes in staff, changes in electronic health record systems, changes in leadership, or even organizational changes such as mergers.  New software products often come with unique challenges, but our work across systems gives us a breadth of knowledge – a unique resource in this industry.

Women recieving support from Pinnacle Health Informatics
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