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  • Olivia Hugentobler

Complex Data Problem? Try Pinnacles Data Help Desk!

Picture this: you’re working on an important grant application for your organization. If you’re awarded the grant, your organization will finally be able to kickstart the new program initiative they have been planning. The grant application requires you to find the most recent certain type of appointment for a client. You search through your data, but are unsure if you are getting the most recent appointment and if you are getting duplicates. In this situation, there are usually two options: get frustrated and confused searching through the myriad of answers on the internet (that aren’t even specific to your organization), or spend precious time and resources trying to navigate through numerous levels of data for the answer to your questions. But what if there was a third option?

A previous customer of ours was faced with a similar situation. Their organization ran into a vexing data issue and were on the edge of finding a solution, they only needed a bit of guidance and a trained eye to lead the way. They signed up for Pinnacle’s Data Help Desk, and after a few short minutes using desktop share we were able to find the missing piece to their query. They were able to submit the needed data on time with no extra costs.

At Pinnacle Health Informatics we enjoy helping other data professionals find the answers they seek or view issues in new ways. Are you stuck on a vexing data problem? Needing to clean, conform, de-duplicate or otherwise prepare data for further processing or visualization? Getting your data ready for the next step or visual but running into an issue? With Pinnacle’s Data Help Desk, you can schedule a 20-minute, free, no-obligation chat with the staff at Pinnacle. We will do our best to help you solve your issue and give you some pointers in a new direction.

At Pinnacle, we wake up every day looking forward to new data challenges. We'd be glad to help you! Click on the link below and schedule some time to chat, ask questions, and perhaps solve your latest data issue.

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