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  • Olivia Hugentobler

Why Choose the Pinnacle Data Warehouse?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

In most organizations, accessing data is time-consuming, confusing and requires a map to navigate the myriad of levels and pathways to reach the data you seek. Information may be stored in more than one system, even in more than one electronic health record system in some cases. Once accessed, data is often complex, static and not user-friendly. Not only that, but when not properly combined, certain sources seem to have no connection or purpose. These valuable data sets fall by the wayside and fail to be utilized; It doesn’t have to be this way. The Pinnacle data warehouse is the key to extracting and transforming your data into meaningful, actionable and understandable information and dashboards.

Pinnacle Health Informatics has specialized in the extraction and integration of behavioral health data for more than two decades. The Pinnacle Data Warehouse (PDW) is an accumulation of years of experience, expertise and feedback in the field. The PDW is built from the ground up to improve understandability, speed and flexibility. Our platform extracts and organizes Electronic Health Record data to specifically address behavioral health agencies needs. The warehouse allows your organization to accurately capture productivity and utilization across services, including services with multiple providers and clients. It also can assist in tracking risk factors and outcome measures for population health management. The data warehouse will also allow you to integrate data from payroll, accounting, HR, legacy systems and other client care systems, creating a central source of agency data that is user-friendly and reliable.

In the past, behavioral healthcare agencies have written reports against the transactional ProFiler production database. This relational data warehouse presents a series of challenges for reporting and analytics. With this method reports are static, query performance is widely variable, aggregate tables are difficult to manage, complex calculator logic is buried and difficult to share between reports and information is difficult to audit. The Pinnacle data warehouse not only solves these issues, but provides a user-friendly platform that is meant to be understood by everyone in your organization, not just the IT department.

The Pinnacle Data Warehouse is also unlike any other data warehouse on the market, although other organizations may describe themselves as ‘Business and Analytical Platforms’, only Pinnacle provides a complete, top-to-bottom solution for data, analytics and reporting. This expertise, combined with over 20 years’ experience in behavioral healthcare data analysis, helps pinnacle provide maximum value.

Pinnacle works with organizations to ensure your data is integrated in a way that is unique and valuable to them. Some common systems and often-requested data elements are listed below. Other data elements can be integrated based on an organization’s business processes and analytical needs. If data can be accessed, and it contains a relationship to existing data, it can be introduced into the Pinnacle Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform.

  • Electronic Medical Record Systems

    • Services and Encounters

    • Appointment Information

    • Billing and Revenue Data

    • Client Demographics

  • General Ledger Systems Data Integration (Sage MIP, MS Dynamics GL, Datis etc.)

    • Budgeting information

    • Service costing

  • Time and Attendance Data Integration (ADP, Datis, etc.)

    • Hours worked

    • Hours paid

    • Vacation, leave and sick time values

  • Human Resource and Position Control Data Integration

    • Leader and agency hierarchy

    • Yearly productivity expectations

    • Hire dates

    • Credentials

  • State and Regulatory Data

    • Compliance and reporting data returned from state, regulatory and governing organization

It’s time for your organization to start fully utilizing its data, and the Pinnacle Data Warehouse is the key to making it happen. Increase the productivity of your organization, improve patient health outcomes and excel your company into the future with the assistance of the Pinnacle Data warehouse. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services and how we can personalize a system for you.

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