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  • Olivia Hugentobler

Virginia CCS Data Requirements? Pinnacle Can Help

If your behavioral health organization operates out of Virginia, you are undoubtedly familiar with Virginia State Reporting, also referred to as CCS. Virginia State Reporting is a compilation of demographic, clinical, and descriptive data about individuals with mental illnesses, substance use disorders, developmental disabilities, or co-occurring issues as well as information about the emergency, and ancillary services they receive. The Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services, in collaboration with DMC and VACSB, collects this data to comply with federal and state reporting requirements. Once the data is collected, it is submitted to state funding sources to produce data about the performance of the public mental health, developmental, and substance use disorder services network in the state.

Traditionally, behavioral health agencies in Virginia have relied on electronic medical record vendors to prepare CCS data. For many, this was a laborious, closed process and many agency staff were not aware of what was actually going on ‘under the hood’, as it were. For over a decade, Pinnacle Health Informatics has worked to create a solution to making the CCS process faster, more transparent, and adaptable to our clients organizations.

With Pinnacle in your toolbox, your organization can run your state reporting quicker and monitor the quality of the data more frequently. With the agility of our data warehouse, modifications take hours or days instead of months- or longer. For example, one Virginia agency was spending 8-10 hours per week preparing and checking state reporting data before the implementation of the Pinnacle Data Warehouse. After implementing the Pinnacle process, that was reduced into just a few hours a month, saving hundreds of hours per year in staff time-- and producing more accurate and higher-quality data.

Pinnacle also provides increased transparency to the CCS process, allowing for organizations to have a better understanding of exactly what was going on with data evaluation and quality. In the Pinnacle Process, data is extracted from various platforms across your business and introduced to the Pinnacle Data Warehouse where it is cleaned, conformed and presented to users in an intuitive and understandable manner through user-friendly dashboards with visualization and intelligent analysis. In addition, data quality reports can be automated and sent to providers to help them stay current with documentation and ensure company compliance.

If your organization is tired of spending valuable time and resources navigating CCS, or you simply want a better understanding of the data sources you are collecting and how to utilize them to increase efficiency, Pinnacle is here to help. Your company deserves a process that is transparent, manageable, and rapid. Reach out to us today to find out how we can streamline the CCS process for you.


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