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Managing CCBHC Data & Maintaining SAMHSA Grants With Pinnacle Health Informatics

In 2014, Congress passed the Protecting Access to Medicare Act. Part of this Act required the the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create a process to certify Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC). These types of clinics were designed to provide a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use disorder services, particularly to vulnerable individuals. Once clinics receive this certification from HHS, they become a Certified Community Health Clinic, and in turn, become eligible for grants through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). These grants are valuable tools for clinics as they provide vital resources and funds to support research, treatment and advancement.

In order to receive these valuable SAMHSA grants, clinics will be required to attest that they meet the standards of the grants. For example, clinics may need to prove that they provide alcohol screening, BMI services, suicide prevention, depression treatment/screening and other metrics. Although these metrics are useful tools in improving quality of care, combining and managing them in a way that is easy to visualize and understand can be difficult and frustrating. CCBHC data can be complex and it can be difficult for clinics to gauge their performance meeting these important metrics. From the people and tools gathering the information to the software and analysis, everything needs to work together in order to provide not only complaint data, but also meaningful results both in terms of clinical outcomes as well as business analytics.

Pinnacle Health Informatics provides these necessary tools to help clinics ensure they are meeting CCBHC data requirements and meeting metrics needed to maintain SAMHSA grants. Our clients select a set of metrics to track and we provide the dashboards, data tools and data integration to track and visualize their performance in these areas. Pinnacle makes it simple for clinics to see where they are meeting SAMHSA standards and where they need to improve.

With one of our current clients, we assist in tracking over twelve different metrics into an accessible and visualized data dashboard. We tracked several crucial data points such as weight management, intake evaluations and suicide risk evaluation. These metrics allowed the clinic to meet necessary standards to maintain their SAMHSA grants as well as increase productivity, properly allocate funds and improve patient outcomes. For each clinic we work with, metrics are customizable to the organization and their needs. We give your organization the power to decide what data sources are valuable to you and show you how Pinnacle can integrate the data to achieve your specific goals. If data can be accessed, and it contains a relationship to existing data, it can be introduced into the Pinnacle Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform.

Pinnacle Health Informatics is eager to help our clients reach their potential in patient care, and achieve the goals that CCBHCs’ set out to conquer. Reach out today to learn more about our interactive dashboards to simplify your data collection process, improve client care and help ensure better clinical outcomes.

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