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Launching the Pinnacle Health Informatics User Group

Yesterday was a special day for Pinnacle Health Informatics – our very first meeting of the Pinnacle Health Informatics User Group!

As Gary Clark shared in the meeting, the idea of a robust, interactive user community was part of the vision for Pinnacle from back when the company was first founded in 2009. Gary and Shawn Frasier recognized that giving behavioral health providers a space to learn from each other and collaborate around data analysis projects could be valuable and helpful.

The Pinnacle Data Warehouse spans multiple states and several different Electronic Health Record systems, which makes collaboration among Pinnacle customers especially powerful.

As the newest member of the Pinnacle team, I am constantly amazed at the work being done by our customers and I love knowing that the User Group will give people an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas, and to support each other in what can be challenging projects.

We had a great first meeting today with multiple agencies from across the country participating. Attendees included managers, analysts, and clinical and business information specialists. There was excitement about how the User Group meetings and online forum could allow people to share projects, successes, and lessons learned.

We identified some great topics for future meetings:

  • Incident reporting data analysis

  • Power BI and other presentations systems

  • Mining physical health diagnoses and building care registries

  • Comparing best practices in state reporting.

The Pinnacle User Group is a great bunch of really smart people and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things we can accomplish together!

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