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Harris Coordinated Care Platform + Pinnacle Health Informatics

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Harris’s coordinated care platform has become a popular option for many Behavioral Health Agencies to store and manage Behavioral Health Record data. In fact, Harris is currently in action in over a thousand provider facilities. With their behavioral and mental health solutions, they aim to improve care outcomes, increase financial accountability, reduce administrative overhead, and eliminate duplicative services.

Despite this robust platform, many organizations still run into the challenges of using their data for reporting, analytics, business intelligence and data management. If your organization runs Harris, you can overcome these challenges and add additional value with the help of Pinnacle Health Informatics. Pinnacle Health adds a near-half-century of experience in data warehousing, reporting, analytics and business intelligence for behavioral health to the Harris experience.

If you have a difficult data issue, complex report, or challenging state or regulatory data issue, it's likely that Pinnacle has seen it and provided a solution to a similar agency. For example, if your business needed to combine its service data from Harris with accounting data from your General Ledger system, it couldn’t be done using the generic data tools that EMR vendors provide. With the Pinnacle Data Warehouse, all possible tools and data management techniques are available to you; the possibilities become endless. Harris + Pinnacle Health Informatics is the key to getting full power out of your agency's data.

If your organization runs Harris’s coordinated care platform, contact them today and join Pinnacle's growing client base who have taken their data and analytics to the next level. With Pinnacle in your toolbox, your agency will be able to transform your organization through meaningful and powerful data unlike ever before.

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