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Deep Insight Into Agency Data: Project Matterhorn

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Getting started tracking your behavioral health data can be a frustrating and tedious process. Sometimes, you don’t have the time or the personnel to build dashboards from the ground up. That is why we created Mätterhorn. Your data at scale, decisions at lightspeed with actionable insights.

Mätterhorn complements the existing suite of Pinnacle data tools that have served the behavioral health community for more than two decades and provides the perfect analytic platform for your agency or organization.

What is Mätterhorn?

After 25+ years in the industry, we’ve seen what metrics are essential to track daily for success. We’ve combined these metrics into a plug-and-go system that works with any EHR system and allows you to track everyday data instantly. We call this tool Mätterhorn. Like the iconic mountain peak for which it’s named, Mätterhorn provides a great view of the state of operations at your agency.

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Mätterhorn is all about getting insightful data very quickly. It is a true management tool that you can use to assess how operations are running and if you’re on track to meet your goals. From day one, you will have your hands on metrics to track productivity, wait times, patient engagement, finances, and more.

Many agencies want a better view of what is going on day-to-day and how to track it. With easy-to-understand Power BI dashboards, Mätterhorn gives you an overview of agency health. By providing metrics that everyone can understand– not just those in the IT department–you can make educated decisions on improving patient care and directing your organization.

What Metrics Does Mätterhorn Track?

Pinnacle Health Informatics created Mätterhorn to provide insights into the metrics we think are essential for daily success. Some of these metrics include Time to Note Entry, Engagement Density, Interservice Value, Service Duration, Financial Insights, and more.

Time to Note Entry: How long does it take to get services ready to bill? Time to note entry measures the amount of time from the end of the visit (service) until the provider signs the progress note. Signing indicates that the Progress Note is complete and the clinician is putting their stamp of approval on it.

Engagement Density: Are your clients engaged in their treatment? Engagement density allows you to measure how successful counselors, treatment plans, and your organization engage clients and ensure they return for treatment regularly.

a therapist holding a clipboard sits with a patient in a white shirt.

Interservice Value: What is the average time between patient visits? Interservice Value measures the frequency of visits for individual patients. This allows you to monitor high-risk patients and ensure they receive regular treatment.

Service Duration: How much time are clinicians spending with clients? Service Duration measures time spent with clients and the length of each service. This can help improve productivity, patient care, and time management.

These are just four of the more than two dozen metrics Mätterhorn includes. We collaborated with our growing client base to create a product that included metrics for every aspect of daily business to ensure you have the best information possible to run your agency.

And when new questions and data needs arise, the Pinnacle platform is ready to provide insight into your operation with additional tools and capabilities.

Discover Mätterhorn

Pinnacle’s extensive experience with healthcare has seen which key indicators are important for daily success. That is why we created a plug-and-go product to give you instant access to these important insights. Mätterhorn was created to help your organization overcome common data management and analysis hurdles.

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By creating a product that gives you data insights on day one, agencies can begin improving patient care, increasing productivity, and reaching their goals today.

Interested in using Mätterhorn for your agency? Want to learn more about the metrics that make up Mätterhorn or see it in action? Contact us today for a free demonstration!

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