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  • Olivia Hugentobler

Credible Behavioral Health Software and Pinnacle Health Informatics Data Warehouse

Does your behavioral health organization run on Credible? With the growing popularity of the Credible Behavioral Health Software, more and more agencies are using it as their medical record. One challenge is using your data for reporting, analytics, business intelligence and data management. You can now overcome these challenges as well as integrate your services and data with the Pinnacle Health Informatics Data Warehouse; the combination your organization has been waiting for.

Credible provides a variety of software capabilities that serve and improve your approach to behavioral health throughout your entire practice. Now you can further increase the value of Credible, with the addition of access to Pinnacle’s near-half-century of experience in data warehousing, reporting, analytics and business intelligence for behavioral health. If you have a difficult data issue, complex report, or challenging state or regulatory data issue, it's likely that Pinnacle has seen it and provided a solution to a similar agency. Credible + Pinnacle Health Informatics is the key to getting full power out of your agencies data.

What does the Pinnacle Data Warehouse integration mean for Credible Clients?

  • By combining your credible data with other data, such as time clock, general ledger, financial, position control and other daily data sources, you ‘free your data’ from captivity within an Electronic Medical Record and get more value than ever before from it.

  • Pinnacle allows you to efficiently transfer your data to either an on-premise Pinnacle Data Warehouse or to our secure hosted cloud system and much more familiar data environment.

  • The ability to extract all your data at once and refresh specific tables or processes on-demand for more real-time information and insights. This will allow your organization ultimate flexibility for your data.

  • Access to familiar tools with your data such as Excel, SQL Reporting Services, Power BI, Tableau and many others.

Traditionally, if your business needed to combine its service data from Credible with accounting data from your General Ledger system it couldn’t be done using the generic data tools that EMR vendors provide. With the Pinnacle Data Warehouse, all possible tools and data management techniques are available to you. With the help of Pinnacle, the possibilities are endless.

If your organization runs Credible, and you want to start taking full advantage of the power that data holds, contact Credible and join Pinnacle's growing client base who have taken their data and analytics to the next level.

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