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Business Intelligence for Everyone

At Pinnacle Health Informatics, we believe access to data shouldn’t be limited to the IT department. We know behavioral health organizations are being stretched - resources are tight and expectations are high.

We hear every day from organizations where multiple initiatives are happening at the same time:

- Moving toward or adapting to value-based care

- Focusing on population health and risk stratification

- Partnering with primary care clinics or delivering primary care services in-house

- Implementing trauma-informed care practices

- Addressing changes in state reporting

- Pursuing efforts to address the social determinants of health

Leaders and staff need robust real-time information to successfully implement these projects.

In most organizations, accessing data is time-consuming, confusing and requires a map to navigate the myriad of levels and pathways to reach to the data you seek. Information may be stored in more than one system, even in more than one electronic health record system in some cases.

We know your data is only useful if you can access it when you need it. That's where Pinnacle can help. It all starts with the Pinnacle Enterprise Data Warehouse, where data is extracted, cleaned, conformed and presented to users in an intuitive and understandable manner. This data is then processed further into easily browse-able and lightning-fast OLAP cubes, ready to be served up to clients running applications such as Microsoft Excel, Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise, PowerPivot, Crystal Reports, Business Objects Web Intelligence and many others.

The result? Fast and easy access to data complete with trends, period-over-period analysis, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Scorecards, Strategy Maps, Drill-through reports, and cube browsers. Data comes alive and becomes a valuable, actionable asset to your organization, with a near instant return on investment.

With all the dollars spent on electronic health record systems, we believe having data at your fingertips is what your organization deserves.

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