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3 Key Questions to ask about your EHR Reporting/Business Intelligence Solution

As a leader in behavioral health, you know that getting data and information out of your Electronic Health Records (EHR) is both challenging and important. EHR vendors often propose add-on Business Intelligence solutions to their customers, and third-party vendors also offer various options. Before you decide on a solution, consider these key questions:

1. How are behavioral health providers and other Subject Matter Experts involved in designing, supporting, and improving the system?

  • The funding streams, regulatory requirements, and clinical treatment approaches in mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs are complex and evolving.

  • Your organization needs a partner who can see the changes that are coming in the field - who brings expertise to your team & helps your organization thrive.

You don’t want to spend the first 6 months of your contract explaining the nuts and bolts of behavioral health.

2. How universal is the underlying technology and how accessible is the training in that platform?

  • Staff retention is a challenge across the behavioral health system, but turnover is especially prevalent for individuals with data skills.

  • You want a technology platform that has training and support available from multiple sources, perhaps even from the local community college or through online courses, so you can avoid disruption during staff transitions.

You don’t want to start over and pay a new training fee every time you have a change in staff.

3. How does the solution support integration of multiple data systems?

  • Data about your organization doesn’t just reside in your Electronic Health Record. You probably have time entry or financial data in other systems that needs to integrate with your EHR data. You might be getting regular spreadsheets from your payers, and those need to match up with your patient data.

  • You need a solution that supports integration of data across systems.

  • And, if you decide to change Electronic Health Record systems, which happens on average every 7 years, you want a solution that will be able to bridge the gap between your 2 systems.

You don’t want to maintain multiple data systems or keep using Excel workarounds to get things to work together.

Pinnacle Health Informatics is here to provide your organization with the best possible solution for integrating your Behavioral Health Record data.

Why Pinnacle is the Solution

  1. Pinnacle Health Informatics has specialized in Behavioral Health for over two decades. We have worked with various clients in getting information and data from EHR. We understand the complex and evolving aspects of the field and are constantly working to streamline the process for our clients.

  2. We make the process easy and straightforward. Pinnacle data warehousing and business intelligence products are designed to be used by people, not machines. This unique design makes it easy to understand and utilize the most complex data structures. Pinnacle reduces by as much as 80X the duration needed to learn and become proficient with your agency’s data.

  3. Our system supports the integration of multiple data systems. If data can be accessed, and it contains a relationship to existing data, it can be introduced into the Pinnacle Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform. Pinnacle provides a complete, top-to-bottom solution for data, analytics and reporting.

You and your staff are doing important work. You deserve a reporting and business intelligence solution that's designed to support you, across systems and over the long haul. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services and how we can personalize a system for you.

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