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Business Intelligence

Finding the Meaning in Your Data

Pinnacle uses a lightning-fast, pre-calculated OLAP Cube system on top of the best-of-breed Pinnacle Data Warehouse to take your reporting to the next level.  Advanced dashboards, scorecards, and other data visualization can be combined with drill-down functionality to seamlessly navigate from a birds-eye view of your organization to specific detailed information. 


Custom dashboards based on best practices for monitoring productivity, performance, financial health, and strategic functioning are available out-of-the-box, with support available to customize these solutions to your needs. 


Ad-hoc queries and drag-and-drop analysis of large and complex datasets and suddenly easy to execute for anyone who can use basic Microsoft programs.

Pinnacle can unleash the power of your data, regardless of how many sources of information you have and make your business process decisions faster, more efficient and more intelligent.

Pinnacle is there with you every step of the way with proven training curriculum to help you get the most from your data.

Contact Pinnacle today for complete demonstration.

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