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On the Road

Starting next week, the Pinnacle Health Informatics team will be heading out on the road!

We're so excited to have the opportunity to meet with our partners in person, and to learn more about the topics and trends happening across the country!

Speaking for myself, it's a special treat to get to be in Virginia for my first trip representing Pinnacle. My love of Virginia goes back all the way to junior high school.

I grew up in Oregon, but I took a trip to Virginia with one of my "traveling aunts" when I was 13, and I was so dazzled by the history, scenery, and people that I decided right then and there that I had to go to college on the East coast.

This was before the internet really existed, so I did everything the old-fashioned way:

  • I researched colleges using a 1000-page book, highlighting the ones that seemed like they might offer a scholarship to a nerdy aspiring social worker from Oregon.

  • I sent letters (actual letters, on real paper, with envelopes and stamps and everything!) to each college that looked reasonable.

  • I collected return letters and brochures in cardboard boxes in my bedroom, sorted into file folders with sticky notes and labels.

  • I cut pictures out of the colleges I liked the best and made a collage on my bedroom wall, trying to picture what the campus would be like in person.

I did end up making a couple of trips back to the East coast to look at schools in person, once with my "traveling aunt" and once with my mom, using money I saved up from my summer jobs.

By my senior year of high school, I had narrowed down my choices to a few schools. I applied for every funding source I could find. And I was pretty thrilled when I ended up reaching my goal - getting a scholarship to attend McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, which was pretty close to Virginia and definitely had that East coast charm I was dreaming about. It was a beautiful place to spend 4 years.

I ended up moving back to Oregon as an adult, after some pretty awesome East coast adventures (including a couple of years in New York City!). I love being closer now to my family, but a part of my heart still beats for that Virginia countryside. I get to travel there now and then and it hasn't lost it's charm. It feels really good to be going back to Virginia for my first conference as a part of the Pinnacle team.!

If you'll be at the Virginia CSB Public Policy conference, I hope you'll stop by the Pinnacle table and say hello!

Here's where you can find us out there on the road!

September 26th - September 28th

Shawn Frasier will be hosting an exhibit at the Harris Public Health Solutions 2018 Annual User Group Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

October 2nd - October 4th

Ginger Bandeen will be hosting an exhibit at the Virginia Association of Community Services Boards Public Policy Conference in Roanoke, Virginia.

We have some great gifts and prizes so please stop by and see us!


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