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How to Make Your Data Work for You

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Is your business fully utilizing your data?

Thousands of data sets are collected each day by your business, from when your employees clock out for lunch to how many clients leave satisfied after each visit. With the right tools, this information can work together to form meaningful and valuable insights that will save you time and boost company efficiency.

Pinnacle’s data warehouse uses data integration to combine data sources such as electronic medical records, accounting systems, HR and position control, customer satisfaction surveys and time and attendance assessment tools. Through data integration, this information begins to work for you as a tool to enhance productivity and excel the work your leaders and staff do daily.

For example, your combined data points can show you what services and assessments are leading to the best outcomes for your patients, if your claims are being prepared and paid in a timely fashion, and how many hours you and your staff are working vs. how many clients you are seeing.

With one of our clients, we assisted in combining their many data sources to provide a dashboard that allowed for better understanding of workplace productivity.

The following illustration shows a screenshot of a working example of the dashboard. The numbers on the screenshot correspond to the explanation.

Visualization Detail Explanation(for above graphic)

1- Time Physically at Work. Clocked-in and available to perform clinical service.

DATA SOURCE: Time clock system such as Paylocity, ADI, Dynamics GL, etc.

2- Productive Time at Work. Shows productive time in hours.

DATA SOURCE: Electronic Medical Record Software, i.e., Credible, Netsmart, Nextgen,


3- Total Required Service Delivery Goal. A goal set at a yearly employee evaluation for

productivity. In this visualization it shows 62.5 % of 1235.75 hours spent physically at


DATA SOURCE: Human resource system

4- Actual Service Delivery Percent. Percent calculation of the actual percentage of time at

work spent in productive clinical service.

DATA SOURCE: Dynamic calculation

5- Productivity Bar. Color is dynamic based on if the goal from item 3, above, is met.

6- Vertical Total Required Service Delivery Goal Bar. Corresponds to the Total Required

Service Delivery goal from item 3.

DATA SOURCE: Dynamic calculation

7- Time Physically at Work Bar. Represents the Year-to-Date time physically present at

work. Shown in grey in illustration.

DATA SOURCE: Time clock or time and attendance system

8- Dotted Outline Total Yearly Work Hour Expectation. Range indicator of the employees’

total yearly hourly expectation of around 2000 hours. Gives a perspective of how many

potential working hours remain in the fiscal year.

DATA SOURCE: Human resource system

9- Trend Sparklines. Represent the trend year to date of the values shown in items 2 and

3. These lines indicate by color if productivity goals were met. This gives a more

complete picture of how employee productivity is changing over time. Notice how in

the second bullet chart, productivity goals are not being met overall, but the trend over

time is positive and the green segments of the bar indicate that recent pay periods

have met productivity goals. Very important data for a supervisor.

DATA SOURCE: All and dynamic calculations

10- Hierarchy Information Area and Click to Detail Area. The report runs based on a

dynamic hierarchy from the agency position control system. Also show pertinent

employee information and hierarchy level. This area can be clicked to drill down to

additional detail.

DATA SOURCE: Position Control System

After a successful design and development process with the client, this dashboard was released to the users and was immediately in high demand. After nearly 5 years in production it is a top destination of the agencies’ 500 providers. It has increased productivity over 30+%, creating a real and demonstrable return on investment. This dashboard demonstrates the benefits of a well-conceived productivity initiative that includes clear specifications, accessible data, and understandable visuals. This is just one way that data integration can work to elevate your workspace.

Pinnacle Health Informatics has been specializing in Behavioral healthcare for over two decades, and has assisted various clients by providing robust, real-time and easy to use information through the Pinnacle data warehouse and data integration. We believe that data is more valuable when you combine it, and we are here to assist our clients with removing the complexities and confusion from the process.

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