• Shawn Frasier

Covid-19 Data Visualized for an Agency

* Make meaning of all the data you are collecting

* Infection data collection can be easily added to most electronic health records

* Effective visualizations give meaning to the data and support better decisions

* A data warehouse provides the ideal foundation for data integration

In a time of pandemic, using data to improve care, monitor health status and make decisions is very important. Modern electronic medical record software enables an organization to

quickly create a framework for gathering data and accepting user input about patient and staff health conditions. Once the data is captured, however, making sense of it poses an additional challenge. As the situation and seriousness of the Covid-19 outbreak has accelerated, Pinnacle clients are requesting assistance is setting up various ways to collect, visualize and evaluate data related to the pandemic. A current Pinnacle client has begun to monitor various metrics, including staff wellness regarding infection. We worked together with them to clean, aggregate and introduce various data sources into the Pinnacle Data Warehouse. This collected data provides a fast and efficient way for the agency staff to display the data to stakeholders in visually appealing Power BI dashboards.

Several data sources were utilized, including agency rosters, shared spreadsheets and existing Pinnacle Healthcare OLAP data cubes (pre-compiled data structures). The result is the dashboard above which is updated in near real-time and distributed to users to keep them updated on situations as they emerge. The intended result is to ensure proper levels of staffing to support the agency mission and consistent patient care.

Stakeholders have access appealing collection of well-designed visualizations with a good deal of data movement and ETL (Data Extract Transform Load) in the background. That data is brought together and presented in a way so that a user can quickly understand important aspects of staff health in an effective way.

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