Welcome to Pinnacle Health Informatics

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Innovative Leaders

Use accurate, timely data to drive strategic decisions, build momentum for system change, and measure success.

Passionate Clinicians

Explore access, utilization, and outcome data to understand what's working & design effective treatment programs.

Information Technology

Develop your skills and use your talents to deliver meaningful data and reports to your organization.

What We Do

Fast, easy access to meaningful data is our mission at Pinnacle Health Informatics. 

We use our extensive knowledge of the behavioral health industry and Electronic Health Record systems to:

  • extract your raw data directly from your EHR system,

  • organize it into a simplified structure, and

  • provide you with access to reports and dashboards you can use immediately to see patterns and trends.


We connect you with best practices to gain deep insight for rapid and strategic decision-making.


We provide ongoing training and support to you and your team, so changes in technology or staff can be seamless.

We look forward to talking more about how Pinnacle Health Informatics can meet your agency's data analysis needs.

Let's Work Together!

State-of-the-art data tools

Data extraction and integration

Real-time dashboards & intuitive reports

Expert consultation & insight for leaders




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